What Do Reviews Reveal About Your Business?

We’ve all read them, left them or used them in our own purchasing decisions. But what do reviews really say about your business? Most consumers value the opinions of others, often reaching out to the online community for help when searching for a specific product, service or professional to meet their needs or wish list. Are you getting reviews for your business? How are they stacking up to the competition?

Authoritative Positioning

The more reviews you have, the more you appear as an authority within your industry. Yet, it’s not just about getting reviews, per se: You obviously want those reviews to be positive and in favor of your services. The better your reviews, the more people trust your good name and ability to provide what they need over your competition.

Going for Those 5-Star Reviews

With the obvious goal being to score 5-star reviews every time, setting specific metrics for your business is key to reaching those coveted high marks. For the best chance to impress, shoot to exceed even your own expectations on factors like:

  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Customer Service
  • Delivering on Your Promise
  • Overall Client Satisfaction

Going the extra mile and offering freebies, upgrades or add-ons (even if it’s just your time) gives you star-like quality in the eyes of your valued clients.

“Could You, Please?”

Asking for reviews can be a difficult thing for some individuals, which is why engaging the assistance of business platforms designed to attract and manage your business reviews may be the way to go if you’re stuck or find it difficult to get started. Run an Internet search for something like “get help with business reviews,” and you’ll find a whole host of organizations that can help you on your way.

Paying It Forward

We all want great reviews for our business services, but how “great” are we at leaving them for others? Pay if forward by showing your support and appreciation for products, services and professionals you use in your own life, and hope others do the same in return. Leaving reviews can even help you become better at what you do, as you evaluate what makes you really like and appreciate the item or service you’re reviewing.


How are you ranking in your business reviews?


PerAPPS You Need These…

In today’s technology driven environment, our reliance on mobile platforms is ever-increasing. We cling desperately to our phones, for they’re the invaluable gateway to the world at large – and for business professionals, often the key to our livelihood.

Since most of us depend so greatly on the cellular tether (though some still refuse to give up sticky notes and paper planners), it only makes a good deal of sense to have the most useful apps available today. Check out a few that real estate professionals are finding most useful.

Time-Saving Apps for Your Virtual Business Assistant (and by That, We Mean Your Phone)

CircleBack provides immediate, convenient access to all of your important contacts. A major highlight is its ability to keep your contacts current, updating information as it changes.

Get documents signed (in-person or remotely) and the sales process moving forward with SignEasy. This handy little app works on any platform, even when your Internet service fails you.

With Homesnap, the “Snapchat” for real estate, you can share photos and important information on a property with your buyers and other sellers, and communicate right on the app. Your convos are saved for future reference, keeping all discussions surrounding properties of interest in one convenient location.

Enjoy the capabilities of your desktop from the convenience of your phone. Microsoft Remote Desktop keeps you productive and nailing your business objectives with easy access to pertinent documents, sales agreements and other information vital to your daily business, right from your mobile device.

Live-stream video of a property to any client, anywhere with Periscope, and it’ll be like they’re right there with you. The ultra-convenient app works on both iPhone and Android platforms.

A Word About Social Media Apps

Social media platforms are widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients and stay connected with those you’ve previously served. Want to see your business continue to grow? Keep your social media presence relevant, current and right in front of your target market. Having these apps handy on your phone keeps you closely connected to your clients, and hopefully a bright, successful future.

What apps do you currently use to help your real estate business?

Preparing Your Clients for Closing

As you well know, buying a home is a huge deal for people, whether a first-time buyer or a seasoned home buying pro. Preparing your clients for what to expect throughout the process lends to a smoother settlement and a more accurate expectation for what’s to come.

Tips for Ensuring Client Preparedness

  1. Provide an overview of the process, especially for first-time home buyers. People like to know what’s going to happen (or at least have a general idea). Though you’ve been through it numerous times before, your clients likely haven’t. Give them a virtual or mental walk-through of the settlement process so they can gear up for the big event.
  1. Have them keep an eye out for the closing disclosure form from the lender. Kindly remind (or inform) your clients to watch for this item in the mail, so they may have an accurate idea of the financials of the transaction.
  1. Ensure your clients know the amount of money they’ll need to bring to the closing table. This is a follow-up to the previous tip. In the event they don’t take the time to review the lender’s CD, it’s a good idea to prompt them to do so or review it with them.
  1. Help them schedule a closing time with the settlement agent. Whether you take on this task or they do, make certain all parties are privy to that much anticipated time slot.
  1. Submit home warranty, repair or termite contracts on time. Stress the importance of getting any relevant invoices to the title agent no later than 48 hours prior to closing. This way, these documents can be added to the disclosure form and handled appropriately to facilitate a smooth settlement process.
  1. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask them if they have any specific questions about the closing process. (This may require some prompting, if your clients seem unsure.) What information would you want to know? It’s also prudent to give realistic expectations if bumps along the road may delay settlement.

For further details on preparing your clients for the closing process, contact Linear Title & Escrow at (757) 340-0340 today.