PerAPPS You Need These…

In today’s technology driven environment, our reliance on mobile platforms is ever-increasing. We cling desperately to our phones, for they’re the invaluable gateway to the world at large – and for business professionals, often the key to our livelihood.

Since most of us depend so greatly on the cellular tether (though some still refuse to give up sticky notes and paper planners), it only makes a good deal of sense to have the most useful apps available today. Check out a few that real estate professionals are finding most useful.

Time-Saving Apps for Your Virtual Business Assistant (and by That, We Mean Your Phone)

CircleBack provides immediate, convenient access to all of your important contacts. A major highlight is its ability to keep your contacts current, updating information as it changes.

Get documents signed (in-person or remotely) and the sales process moving forward with SignEasy. This handy little app works on any platform, even when your Internet service fails you.

With Homesnap, the “Snapchat” for real estate, you can share photos and important information on a property with your buyers and other sellers, and communicate right on the app. Your convos are saved for future reference, keeping all discussions surrounding properties of interest in one convenient location.

Enjoy the capabilities of your desktop from the convenience of your phone. Microsoft Remote Desktop keeps you productive and nailing your business objectives with easy access to pertinent documents, sales agreements and other information vital to your daily business, right from your mobile device.

Live-stream video of a property to any client, anywhere with Periscope, and it’ll be like they’re right there with you. The ultra-convenient app works on both iPhone and Android platforms.

A Word About Social Media Apps

Social media platforms are widely considered to be one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients and stay connected with those you’ve previously served. Want to see your business continue to grow? Keep your social media presence relevant, current and right in front of your target market. Having these apps handy on your phone keeps you closely connected to your clients, and hopefully a bright, successful future.

What apps do you currently use to help your real estate business?


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