Must Sellers Be Present at Closing?

It’s widely understood that homebuyers must be present when closing on their real estate purchase, as mortgage notes and other documents must be signed at that time. But are sellers required to attend closings with their buyers? Read on as we discuss the role of the seller in closing on a home.


Do Buyers and Sellers Meet at the Closing Table?

If you’re a first-time homebuyer or selling the first home you’ve ever owned, you may be wondering whether buyers and sellers come face-to-face at the closing table. However, such a scenario rarely happens. Both the buyer and seller do, in fact, have their own closings. But the process and requirements are a bit different, depending on which side of the transaction you sit.

The Seller’s Closing

From the seller’s vantage point, it’s fair to say that the closing process involves much less paperwork, and even less time compared with that of the buyer. The seller’s closing must take place prior to the buyer’s in order to convey the property in a proper and legal manner.

In some scenarios, sellers are located out-of-state, and are unable to attend the closing in person. Closings in such a case take place virtually, or via mail, with sellers signing necessary documents in the presence of a notary, and said documents being promptly transferred or delivered to the closing agent.

The following is general information regarding the seller’s closing process:

  • Sellers may or may not be required be physically attend the closing.
  • The seller’s closing takes place before that of the buyer’s.
  • Documents to be signed include the Seller’s Closing Disclosure Form/ALTA or HUD, Warranty Deed and Loan Payoff Agreement.
  • Proper identification must be presented at the time of closing.
  • Wiring instructions regarding proceeds of the sale must be clearly specified (if applicable).

Have questions about your role as a seller? Contact Linear Title & Escrow for answers today!



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