A Day in the Life of a Title Agent

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Ever wondered what, exactly, title agents do all day? Are we busy? Are we bored? Do we sit around drinking coffee and checking our Facebook feeds?

No. Nope. Not even close. We take our coffee on the go (because let’s face it – caffeine is one of the four main food groups). We work non-stop, from the second we arrive at the office to the moment we leave for the day. Our days demand the ultimate in multi-tasking, fine attention to detail, and sheer excellence in time management. But what makes up the fabric of our day? What do we really do that keeps us so busy?

An Average Day as a Title Agent (Though No Day Is Ever Really Average)

When it comes to preparing for a closing, a great deal goes on behind the scenes. The daily responsibilities of a title agent range from preparing closing documents to conducting title searches and reviewing Closing Disclosure (CD) forms. We read and respond to hundreds of emails from lenders, agents, attorneys and other parties involved in settlement proceedings, and prioritize our daily agenda to deliver the highest level of efficiency for each of our clients.

Our duties include (but are not limited to):

  • Prepare closing documents
  • Transfer closing documents to CD forms
  • Review CD forms for upcoming closings
  • Enter revisions on CD forms
  • Compile title binders
  • Execute title searches
  • Research and resolve title issues
  • Prepare files for title orders
  • Ensure funding for loans
  • Coordinate CD instructions with lenders
  • …and a whole host of other title and escrow-related duties

How We Stand Out Among the Crowd

No day is the same as the next. At Linear Title & Escrow, our ultimate goal as title agents is to work diligently, competently and thoroughly at ensuring the most efficient closing possible for our clients. We strive to be quick, but highly efficient (which is important for lenders, clients and ultimately home buyers/sellers). We strive to be competitive with returning title requests back to lenders, typically within one week of said request. And most importantly, we maintain integrity, confidentiality, and strict adherence to regulations and the highest level of standards in our industry.

Yes, we are busy – but we love what we do. For more on how Linear Title & Escrow works  to create smooth, seamless closings, contact our team today!


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