First-Time Homebuyer? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Closing Disclosure Form.

Closing Disclosure FormBuying your first home is likely one of the most exciting and rewarding events you’ll experience in your life. As such, it’s important to be prepared and gain a sound understanding of the real estate transaction process, as this helps make for a more streamlined, smooth closing experience. One of the key components of the settlement process is the Closing Disclosure (CD) Form. Read on for more regarding the importance of this document to closing on your new home.

What’s the Closing Disclosure Form?

The Closing Disclosure Form is a five-page document detailing the final terms of your home loan and closing costs. It contains information similar to that of your Loan Estimate, but also includes details surrounding the escrow portion of your mortgage. The CD Form should be compared with the Loan Estimate you receive from your lender.

What Information Does It Contain?

  • The amount of your loan, interest rate, and projected monthly principle and interest payments.
  • A detailed breakdown of closing costs (those paid by you as the buyer along with the seller’s closing costs).
  • Your financial responsibility (cash needed) for closing on the home and a summary of the transaction.
  • Further details on the terms of your mortgage set forth by your lender, including escrow information surrounding your home loan.
  • Loan calculations (total amount of payments, total amount paid in finance charges, the amount you financed, your annual percentage rate and total interest percentage over the life of the loan). Additional disclosures and important contact information are also found on the final page of your CD form.

When Will You Receive Your CD Form?

Your lender should provide this document to you at least three business days prior to your closing date. During this time, you should carefully review your CD Form, compare it with your Loan Estimate and contact your lender with any questions or concerns. Reviewing this document promptly helps ensure your closing is as efficient as possible, and that you close on time.

Have additional questions about the Closing Disclosure Form, or the closing process in general? We’re happy to help! Contact Linear Title & Escrow today at (757) 340-0340.


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