Be a Gushing, Overflowing, All-Knowing Source for Great Information

When your current and previous clients think of you and your services, what trajectories do their thought patterns take? Are they fondly recalling the superior care and attention you’ve delivered, or are they dead set on finding someone else when it comes to their next real estate transaction? Do they view you as their go-to for pertinent, reliable information, or are you competing neck-and-neck with social media platforms in this arena?

If your answers to these questions lean a bit to the left, you could do a lot more for yourself and your business if you bulk up your service offerings with one simple (though admittedly, layered) idea: Be more engaging.

A Long-Term Engagement

Creating your network of new, repeat and referred business is, in many cases, a courting process. Most people these days don’t simply open a phone book, close their eyes and point to find their real estate professional. Word-of-mouth and reviews (particularly those presented by a reputable Internet-based organization) are road signs for pointing people toward their purchasing destinations today, whether said purchase is a tangible item, service or combination of both. Getting in front of your clients and future clients (more than once, and in a way they find engaging) is crucial for your business. When it comes to attracting, catching and retaining those clients, a long-term commitment to the relationship is a must.

Catch Their Attention – And Keep It

So, how do you nurture a long-term relationship with past, current and future clients? One way is to be a gushing, overflowing, all-knowing source for not only great information, but the precise information your clients are seeking. This requires you to think like your clients. What kind of information are they looking for? Do they need to know something they don’t yet realize they need to know? Based on factors like age, stage in life and social preferences, having a solid idea of what your clients are looking for as well as how to present said information to them is key in snagging their attention and cultivating those long-term relationships so vital to your business.

The intent is not to bore your clients with an onslaught of unsolicited information, but be the engaging source for what they need to know, when they need to know it. You know your target market best, and probably have a good idea of what they find most engaging. The more you interact with your target audience, the more spot-on your delivery of services and, ultimately, achievement of business goals will be.



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