A Word About Ethics…

Most professionals should and do conduct their business dealings according to a set of ethics, a compendium going far beyond what’s largely regarded as basic “work ethics.” Each industry has its own standard of expectations, and that which is considered usual and customary. The parameters, however, may vary from one trade to the next, depending upon regulatory rules and expectancies set forth by governing bodies and even the segments targeted to receive your marketed goods or services.

No matter your role within any given industry, maintaining high ethics and delivering your products or services with supreme integrity is likely expected, both by your superiors and individuals seeking your offerings. Are you acting on behalf of your business in this regard, hitting the mark each time when it comes to ethicality, integrity, honesty and truthfulness?

Check Yourself Before You…. Well, You Know How This Goes

How do you know if you’re meeting ethical expectations in your business dealings? Is it just a “feeling” you get when you “do the right thing,” or is there a code of ethics mapped-out for you to follow? The answers to these prompts may depend upon what you do for a living, and how heavily regulated your business sector happens to be.

However, no matter your trade, ensuring you act in accordance with established guiding principles is important for not only keeping yourself out of hot water, but also for ensuring you deliver at the highest level to those you serve with your skills, knowledge and expertise. After all, you (as a consumer) likely expect to receive the same in return when purchasing. Keep your business and your conscience on track by sticking to that coveted (and expected) code of ethics.

How We Ensure Ethical Delivery of Title Services

Here at Linear Title & Escrow, we proudly adhere strictly to not only industry regulations, but also our commitment to serving you and your clients with the highest level of excellence in settlement proceedings. We accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Non-disclosure of confidential information
  • Zero misrepresentations
  • Total transparency in fee calculation and financials
  • Adherence to all laws and regulations per Virginia and federal guidelines

We never want you or your valued clients to doubt our authenticity, professionalism or the integrity with which we conduct each closing. To learn more about how we maintain ethicality in our title and escrow practices, contact us at (757) 340-0340.


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