Standing Out in the Crowd?

Be in the business of branding your business.

 When your clients (or potential clients) hear or read your business name, does it resonate in a particular way? Does it conjure up a certain (branded) image or promise of an out-of-this-world experience? Perhaps you’ve chosen to associate your business with a catchy jingle, symbol or remarkable color combination. However you decide to brand your business, the importance lies in your ability to stand out among the crowd – especially if your business it part of an industry well populated.

Brand for Your Life

As any marketing expert will profess, branding your business properly and strategically is a cornerstone to a sound marketing plan, and ultimately your business success. It’s important to carefully consider how you want your business to be perceived and take steps to implement robust branding strategies to meet that objective. You and those associated with your brand must then continually work to support those efforts to build and maintain trust in your name, products or services, and longevity.

Be a Mover and a Shaker

Are you maximizing your efforts to support and grow your good business name? Do you analyze every marketing angle, ensuring all bases are covered? Maybe you have a talented marketing team who does all of this, but if you’re marketing on your own (or on a budget), consider these branding techniques to help you along your way:

  • Know your direction. Having a clear understanding of the precise message your brand should emit is crucial. Once defined, you can then work on brand/product placement, visibility and presence within your market.
  • Blanket your branding. Ensure your identifiable markers (logo, image, audio – whatever helps define your business) are well-placed, wherever appropriate to support your marketing objectives. For some businesses, this may mean everywhere and anywhere, while others may opt for selectivity as part of their branding strategy.
  • Be innovative, be unique, but above all, be engaging. Standing out among the crowd often involves taking bold risks, broaching spheres of influence others have yet to attempt. Think about what tactics your target market finds engaging, and be the first to charge in that direction.
  • Be consistent, and persevere. Above all, effective branding of your business requires consistency and perseverance, from all organizational representatives. Your company voice should remain fluid across all mediums, helping to establish trust and reliability in your business name.

Whatever strategies you chose, it’s important to understand that branding in a full-time effort. Your brand is essentially your business’ personality. Let it shine, engage and inspire.


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