Thriving in the Digital Age


The real estate business relies heavily on in the know, in the NOW information – content that is instantaneously retrievable. In today’s technology era, the information you and your clients needs is available faster than ever before, and right at your fingertips. The “on-the-go” environment to which current society insists we acclimate is in large part, a major piece of the broad digital landscape. To ignore this fact or wait for information to find you is leaving money on the table – literally.

Are you using the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition, or is ever-changing technology leaving you in the dust?

Are You Thriving in the Digital Age?

Whether tech-savvy or tech-challenged, we must all embrace not only the application of technology to how we reach, conduct and manage our business, but the accelerated speed at which it moves. Just when you get the hang of one app, the-next-best-thing is already in place, promising greater efficiency and more efficacious results. To help you stay ahead (or at least hang with) the game, we’ve compiled a few of the latest and greatest tech buzz bits relevant to the real estate business:

  • Social Media Management. Though around for a while now, social media managers and tracking platforms are typically on the forefront of how to best reach your current audience as well as new clients through a multitude of social media outlets. Hootsuite™, sproutsocial and buffer are three highly rated companies offering the tools you and your team need to successfully plan and manage your social media marketing campaigns.
  • Apps, Apps and More Apps. Apps are designed to make your life easier and business more efficient. Aside from learning to use the staples (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) to an even greater extent, downloading others like Real Scout, BombBomb™ and curbcall can facilitate and help you grow your business. Run an Internet search to learn more about the latest apps and what is working for others in the industry.
  • Virtual Reality. Far more than just a gift you may have placed under the tree this past year, VR technology has made its way into the real estate sphere. Companies are eliminating the distance barrier for home buyers, as several are now offering VR and 3-D viewing experiences from the comfort of, well, anywhere.
  • “Alexa, find me a new home.” Changing the face of shopping and information retrieval, Amazon’s Echo and other virtual assistants are just the next step in reaching clients. Of course, creating the customization for the Echo dot and similar devices will likely require the help of a web developer, but this is certainly an area to watch (and engage with, if able).
  • (Big) Data Analysis: Analyzing the exorbitant amount of data relating to a business on any given day is a lofty task, at best, even for smaller real estate firms. From shopping patterns and financials to insurance and risk assessment, information gleaned from data analytics provides intel on the how, why, when and where of clients’ decision-making, helping organizations optimize their reach and better engage with, service and retain business – now and into the future.

However you choose to apply the latest technological developments, one thing is certain: We all work to serve our clients, in the best way possible. Choose what platforms works for you and your business, but by all means, do not get left behind.


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