Networking in the Digital Age

Building your business reach nowadays takes on a different form compared to decades ago, or even the last five years, for that matter. Staying abreast of not only how people connect but the platforms behind the various techniques available for doing so is crucial, whether looking to take on new clients or partner with other organizations. While meet-and-greets and business conferences are far more personal and still tried-and-true ways of creating, strengthening and maintaining connections, digital networking opens up a world of opportunity.

Benefits of networking in the digital age include:

  • Enhanced information sharing
  • Cultivation of relationships
  • Exponential business growth
  • Global reach/exposure
  • Expedited dissemination of information
  • Unlimited potential for new opportunities

Digital Networking for Today’s Professional

Physical, in-person communication still reigns king, but failing to take advantage of digital networking leaves a great deal of untapped opportunity to grow your business reach, expand your knowledge base and enrich relationships with business contacts. Consider the following popular avenues for networking today:

LinkedIn – A wonderful outlet for expanding your network, LinkedIn is the platform for initiating and fortifying connections with colleagues, recruiters and other organizations. No matter your profession, this unique social media arena affords the occasion to network with other professionals, potential employers and employees, and business contacts.

Email – Using email for networking purposes can be extremely advantageous, provided it’s not spammy. Email is great for follow-ups and keeping your name, brand or business fresh in the minds of your contacts. It’s also an effective means of communicating upcoming events, changes to your business structure or product offerings, and your interest in the brand, products and/or services of your contacts.

Social Media – Networking through social media is a way to really maximize your business reach. With the potential to engage millions of people around the world, well-placed social media posts can take your business to heightened levels. Since social media platforms do offer the chance to reach the masses, however, be sure you engage in a way that supports your business goals and objectives as well as your brand.

Apps – As you well know, there’s an app for everything nowadays – and business networking is no different. New networking apps are constantly in the works, and can certainly streamline your efforts to connect whether in town or on the road. A few of the more popular, current networking apps include Addaapt, Shapr, Fuze, GroupMe, MeetMe and Skype. A quick, periodic Google search can keep you up-to-date with what’s relevant at any given time.

You never know when your connections will drive your business into new, profitable territories. Give it the best chance possible with a sound digital networking strategy.


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